No-Till, Nitrogen Management, and Soil Health Field Day near Crivitz

Crop producers face many decisions while managing their fields and trying to raise a profitable crop.  Some of the decisions have both economic and environmental ramifications.  Finding methods that both improve profitability and decrease the environmental risk of the practice is imperative to maintaining a sustainable farm.

A field day being sponsored by the Marinette County office of UW-Madison, Division of Extension, has been designed to showcase some of the ways which producers can improve their economic and environmental returns.  The field day is taking place Wednesday, October 28th, from 1 to 3 p.m., just west of Crivitz, at the end of Bugarsky Lane, which goes north from Marinette Cty. Hwy. A, about ¾ mile west of Crivitz.  Signs will be posted to assist attendees get to the field site.

The field day is being hosted by Dudkiewicz Farms at the site of two nitrogen fertilizer rate trials, one in winter wheat and one in grain corn.  These research trials allow for the calculation of rate of return on nitrogen fertilizer investment at a wide range of nitrogen application rates.  They also show the optimum nitrogen fertilization rate to utilize so that nitrogen is not lost to groundwater, but maximum economic yield of grain/stover is achieved.

In addition to viewing the corn nitrogen plot and reviewing the wheat nitrogen plot results, attendees will be able to see the effects of long term no tillage practices.  No-till practices do work in Marinette County, but there are both advantages and disadvantages in some situations, as well as tricks and techniques to keep in mind.  Dudkiewicz Farms has utilized no-till practices for many years and the hosts will be sharing potential pitfalls to avoid, as well as recommendations to consider.

The other primary topic of discussion at this field day will be soil health.  Simply put, the healthier a farm’s soil ecosystem is able to be, the better that the crops growing in that soil are able to withstand stress and produce an economically viable crop.  Many different practices can contribute to positive soil health, or detract from it.  Jamie Patton, Regional Outreach Specialist with the UW Nutrient & Pest Management Program, will be reviewing soil health parameters and management practices which work in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Marinette County Agriculture Agent, Scott Reuss, has been conducting nitrogen rate trials on various crops in Marinette County, including the two featured trials.  He will be presenting the results and leading the N rate corn plot tour portion of this field day.

This event is free to attend.  Producers are asked to pre-register by either e-mailing to, or calling/texting to 715-923-0807.  Attendees will be required to maintain physical distance at this outdoor event and will be asked to follow other protocols to help ensure their and other attendees’ safety.

Any producers wanting to discuss any of these management issues, but are not able to attend the field day, can contact Reuss as above.  Anyone can contact him to get more information on these topics or if you have any other horticultural or agricultural questions.

An EEO/AA employer, UW-Madison, Division of Extension provides equal opportunities in employment and programming, including Title VI, Title IX, and ADA.  Please contact Scott or Nancy at 715-732-7510 if you need any type of accommodation or assistance that you may require to attend this event.  All requests will be kept confidential.