Private Pesticide Applicator Training

Pesticide Applicator Training Sessions 

Anyone wanting to purchase and/or apply restricted-use pesticides for agricultural production must become certified by either attending one of these sessions or taking a self-study exam.  The cost is $40 for the five-year license, reference book and educational session materials.

As rules change every year, any producer who applies pesticides on a for-hire basis should review their need to be private vs. custom applicator certified.  Any certified pesticide applicator can apply pesticides on a for-hire basis on up to 500 acres, for 3 or fewer producers, which includes the application of propionic acid as a hay preservative.  If anyone applies on more than that amount, they need to be certified as a custom applicator.

Although not necessary, it is recommended that any person that uses pesticides of any sort learn about proper pesticide application and safety principles by attending one of these sessions.  Farm employees also benefit from getting certified, even if they don’t directly apply pesticides.  The safety lessons learned at this session may save your farm from a problem in the future.

Local sessions are facilitated by Crops/Soils Agent Scott Reuss and sponsored by Oconto and Marinette County Extension offices.  Training materials must be purchased through the Marinette County Extension office, contact them at 715-732-7510, by e-mailing to or by stopping at the office in the Marinette County Courthouse.  Coordinating the self-study option should be done via the same methods.  If you have any questions about the applicator training process contact Scott Reuss, Marinette & Oconto County Crops/Soils Agent, through any of the above means.