Horticulture: Fact Sheets on Plant Problems

Fact Sheets prepared by Scott Reuss Agriculture/Horticulture Agent for Marinette County
These fact sheets were developed in past years.  They contain relevant information but reference to pesticides may be dated.


There are many possible plant problems.

These pages are in Adobe Acrobat format.
Black Knot
Blossom End Rot
Brown Winters
Cane Blight
Corn Earworm
Damping Off
Fall Activities to Manage Plant Diseases
Fall Insect Invaders
Frost Effects on Plants Likely
Fruit Flies-Drain Flies-Fungus Gnats
Geranium Rust
Gypsy Moth
Hairy Vetch
Herbaceous Ornamental Pest Management Resources
Imported Cabbage Worm
Japanese Beetles Munching Through Area Landscapes and Fields
Lawn Weed Control -Timing is Critical
Leafhoppers in the Home Landscape
Potato Leafhoppers in Alfalfa
Small Nuisance Flies
Ragweed Season Is Upon Us
Rose Chafer
Scouting Pests Important Task for Farms & Gardens
Tent Caterpillars Starting to Munch on Tree Leaves
Tomato Diseases Affecting Local Gardens
Vegetable Pest Management and Identification resources
Woody Ornamental Pest Management Resources
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