Partner Coalitions and Organizations

Working in collaboration with state, local and community partners, we work to catalyze positive change in Wisconsin families through educational programming; policy, systems and environmental change.  The following list the local community partnerships of the Health and Well-Being Educator:

  • MCAHCE: The Marinette County Association for Home and Community Education (MCAHCE) is an organization which involves community members in identifying and solving family and community problems through educational programs.  Membership is open to all persons.  MCAHCE is an educational, non-profit organization. Home and Community Education groups offer opportunities for learning in a social setting, sharing what we learn, and caring to make a difference in our homes, communities and the world. To learn more about the Marinette County Association for Home and Community Education call the Extension Marinette County Office at 715 732-7510 or Toll Free at 1-884-4408 or visit
  • M&O Literacy Council: Provide adults of Marinette and Oconto counties with programs and services to improve literacy in reading, writing, comprehension, health, speaking English, math, digital skills, and cross-cultural awareness. The power of literacy will enable adults to become self-confident, contributing members of their community, and workforce and positively impact their families
  • Community Health Partnership: Marinette County Public Health completes a community health assessment and improvement plan every five years. During that process health priorities are identified, and workgroups formed to address the health priorities.  The workgroups form what is known as the Community Health Partnership.  The current focus areas include alcohol and other drugs of abuse, mental health, and nutrition and physical activity.  The following is a link to their website
  • Safe Kids Coalition: Marinette County Public Health forms a coalition working to keep children safe and prevent unintentional injuries. The following is a link to their website
  • Communities That Care (CTC): A non-profit community wide prevention based coalition providing a way to measure key youth development behaviors and how those problem youth behaviors can be prevented.  CTC’s objective is to work with community members to promote and support positive youth development, in order to strengthen a community.  The vision of CTC is to provide a community in which all area youth feel safe and connected; a community in which youth are empowered to be healthy, resilient, and compassionate members of society; and a community in which young people positively contribute an impact future generations.  The following is a link to their website
  • Healthy Youth Coalition (HYC): A partner of Communities That Care, the Healthy Youth Coalition is a youth led coalition ongoing in several school districts in Marinette and Menominee Counties.  HYC is committed to promote healthy lifestyles and choices throughout our communities to benefit our youth and their families.  The following is a link to their website
  • NEW HOPE Consortium: In partnership with Libertas and HSHS St. Vincent Hospital, a coalition was formed to collaborate and coordinate addressing opioid and substance use disorder through prevention, treatment, and recovery efforts in Northeastern Wisconsin. An implementation grant will determined the work plan and specific core activities moving forward.
  • Marinette County Mental Health Court: The mission of the Marinette County Mental Health Court is to increase public safety and restore productive and law abiding citizens to the community by breaking the cycle of criminal behavior through effective long-term mental health treatment and intensive court supervision. Through a comprehensive care model there is a response to unmet needs of participants by removing barriers and providing access to mental health services.  The following is a link to their website
  • Drug Court Alumni Group: Graduates of the Marinette County Treatment Drug Court who formed a group to strengthen each other, provide recovery support, and provide community support for a drug free future. Within their roles, they participate as a mentor for new treatment drug court participants, contribute to community education, provide peer mentorship, and plan events for those in recovery.  The following is a link to the Marinette County Treatment Drug Court website
  • Poverty and Homeless Project: A group of Marinette County agencies who meet to provide organizational updates, share resources, identify and discuss any barriers or gaps in services, look at local data and trends, and using the data look for ways to collaborate to improve the resources for those in poverty and homeless.