Plant Care and Management

Building Raised Beds for Vegetable Production Scott Reuss (pdf)

Starting Vegetable Seeds At Home Scott Reuss (pdf)

Time to Prepare Garden Soil is Now Scott Reuss (pdf)

Vegetable Selection for Home Gardens Scott Reuss (pdf)

Caring for Spring Bulb Plants Scott Reuss (pdf)

Water Loss and Use By Plants Scott Reuss (pdf)


There are many questions that relate to Container Gardening, the following links give more detailed information:

Growing a Tomato Plant in a Container  Scott Reuss, Extension (pdf 2 pages)


Container Gardening  UW-Extension (pdf 6 pages)

Raised Beds & Containers for Community Gardening  UW-Extension  (pdf 8 pages)

Growing Vegetables in Containers  Wisconsin Horticulture

Growing Blueberries in Containers  Wisconsin Horticulture

Vegetable Gardening in Containers   Virginia Cooperative Extension