Health, Families & Finances


Health, Family & Finance Programs

Extension provides statewide leadership to promote education, resources and partnerships that create an environment where families and their communities can thrive.  Today’s diverse families form the foundation of strong Wisconsin communities.

 All families need support and resources to develop skills at critical points in their lives. Extension works to meet these needs by:

• Helping communities explore effective responses to issues affecting families such as poverty, childhood obesity, prevention of child abuse, financial security and aging.

• Serving as catalysts for positive change by providing leadership to ensure that community systems, services and facilities support the healthy functioning of families.

• Increasing knowledge about health, access to safe, nutritious food and parenting practices.

• Reaching out to diverse families to provide research-based education and resources to help improve quality of life.

Extension educators are on the cutting edge of important issues facing the people of Wisconsin. Through their efforts, Extension educators strengthen the community’s capacity to meet pressing needs, with the end result being a better quality of life for all Wisconsin families.




If you have any questions regarding Health and Well-Being in Marinette County, please contact:

Stephanie Nault
Extension Marinette County
1926 Hall Avenue
Marinette, WI 54143-1717
Phone: 715-732-7519, or toll free at 877-884-4408
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